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Brown Howler Monkey (Alouatta guariba)

Brown Howler Monkey The Brown Howler Monkey was previously known by the scientific name of Alouatta fusca. In 1996 this was changed to Alouatta guariba. They are endemic to Brazil.

They have a brown coat hence the name, but this can very slightly to a reddish-brown through to a near black-brown colour. The male Brown Howler Monkeys range from about 55 to 60 cms in length, with their tail another 50 to 70 cms in length. The females are slightly smaller, 45 to 50 cms in length, with tails of 50 to 60 cms. They male howler monkey weighs anywhere between 5 to 8 kgs, and the females between 4 and 5 kgs.

The Brown Howler Monkey is known hence its name, by the terrific howl which can be heard over a mile away. It is thought that they use their howls to express their presence and claim their right to a territory for food. Their amazing prehensile tails also allow them to hang from trees.

The Brown Howler Monkey is a threatened species, mostly due to habitat destruction by humans.

The females give birth to usually one monkey, which is fully weened by one year of age. During this time, the males will aggressively protect their territory.

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